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D.J. Junk's Back Catalogue -

Weapons Of Mass Deckstruction Volume 3- 'Skip Proof Cuts with Breaks'

Due to the popularity of the 'Skip Proof Cuts' before and with feedback from scratch D.J.s, volume three has some improvements on the skip proof cuts concept. Beat juggle bass/snares are closer together than before for easier use, the cuts are more obscure with some word splices to make up a sentence, the 'Ahh' noise is very high in treble and there's no long gaps in-between tracks.

The main difference with this volume are the break sections in-between the cut sections. Rough b-boy breaks looped over for 30 seconds to a minute, enough time to double deck the breaks. The breaks are obscure and very hard to find on originals. The tempos of the breaks varies from 85 BPM to 135 BPM. The main feature of the looped breaks is that although sounding very natural to the ear they are also in time with themselves , they have been sequenced to a regular tempo rather than drifting out of time as most organic drum breaks do when you're trying to mix them. This allows the D.J. to mix the breaks over something else providing that the other track is computer sequenced rather than a live band.

Produced by D.J. Junk, breaks and hip hop cuts from Darrel , Prone & Junk.