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D.J. Junk's Back Catalogue -

Weapons Of Mass Deckstruction Volume 4- 'Skip Proof Cuts'

D.J. Junk brings you the fourth volume in this turntablist battleweapon series. A whole album dedicated to Hip Hop cuts, stabs, vocal samples and drum break bass /snares for scratching, transforming, beat juggling and other turntable trickery.
Not only does this album contain all the classic samples favoured by scratch D.J.s but it has a skip proof and easy sample location feature.
Each sound sequence repeats at exactly one rotation of the vinyl so if the needle jumps while scratching to the adjacent groove it will pick up the same sound as before and in the same place within the sound so the scratching of that sound can carry on un-interrupted. Each sound sequence repeats several times over a wide band on the vinyl to cope with the most heavy handed of scratching.
Over the whole side of the record all the samples are in line, all tracks start at the 12 O'clock position, usually with a bass drum and then the snare comes in at either the 10.30 or 9 O'clock position. The next sound will come in at the 6 O'clock position so all the D.J. has to do is mark these positions on the centre label and these positions will apply to all the tracks so the D.J. will not have to use headphones to cue the sound , just simply drop the needle anywhere but in line with the markers to pick up a sample or bass/snare drum, this is idea for battle D.J.s who need to cue sounds very quickly in routines and not worry about the needle skipping.
The vinyl is also cut at a high gain setting so the samples can be heard over the loudest or records.
After the success of the volume two skip proof cuts, I've decided to do another one of the same format but with a few slight improvements. There are no gaps in-between the cut sequences so you can drop the needle anywhere and be sure to pick up a noise also the different sequences are grouped together according to type of sequence, i.e. all the sequences with a sample at the 12 o'clock position then the 6 o'clock position are all together and so on.

Happy scratching!!